Nigeria has the highest burden of sickle cell disease (SCD) in the world. However there are knowledge gaps about the natural history of SCD, the basis for the variable clinical course in individuals affected by it, the interactions of the sickle cell gene and the environment as well as with infectious and other diseases of high prevalence in the country. The high prevalence of this monogenic disease in Nigeria presents a unique opportunity to answer fundamental questions about SCD in order to gain insight into better ways of controlling it and to develop new treatments. 

The University of Abuja Centre of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease Research and Training was established to bring together faculty in from health, social, computer sciences, education and mass communication to undertake multidisciplinary research aimed at the control of sickle cell disease.

Workshops, short courses and targeted training programs at post graduate level will build the skilled workforce needed in the country to reduce the burden of sickle cell diseases.