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The Centre of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease Research and Training (CESRTA)



The Centre of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease Research and Training University of Abuja (CESRTA), was established in line with Nigeria’s five (5) year strategic plan of action for non-communicable diseases in 2015. The centre is mandated to carry out basic and translational research in sickle cell disease (SCD) aimed at addressing existing knowledge gaps, finding cheaper, safer therapies as well as innovative ways of reducing the prevalence and burden of sickle cell disease in Nigeria.

CESRTA also provides the opportunity for short, medium and long term training to produce the skilled force necessary for optimal care for patients with sickle cell disease and for research. CESRTA has a multidisciplinary team of basic and clinical scientists, educationists and social scientists working together in the University and welcomes investigators from within and outside the country.  It has close collaboration with two H3 Africa programs in Abuja: The H3  Africa Bio-repository at the Institute of Human Virology (IHVN) and H3AbioNet Node at  the Centre for Genomics Research & Innovation (CGRI), National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA).

The University of Abuja is within 10 minutes from the international airport and near a major road linking the northern and southern parts of the country and is therefore easily accessible by air and by road.  CESRTA’s  location close proximity to the seat of government makes it easy to implement research findings and to translate research to policy.

CESRTA’s activities are PI driven with each research project leveraging on the expertise of the  multidisciplinary team members at CESRTA,  the network of collaborators in the Nigerian Sickle Cell Network  (Sickle Cell Support Society of Nigeria)  and beyond.




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