The Paediatric Sickle Cell Program

The Paediatric Sickle Cell Program provides comprehensive care for children with sickle cell disease and their families at the University of Abuja Teaching, Gwagwalada, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria.    

Vision: To provide qualitative and accessible care aimed at reduction of disease burden for children with SCD and their families such that all may live a longer and happier life.

We offer best possible care, informed by evidence-based research through our dedicated and amiable staff who are committed to the provision of individualized, patient-centered specialist care that extends to patients’ families and communities. We operate a 24/7 phone line for effective patient care. Our services have resulted in increased patient enrolment, improved well-being of patients and parental satisfaction.

Our Slogan: That all may live a longer and happier life



The unit is located in the paediatric department of the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada. We serve the Federal Capital Territory and the neighbouring states of Kogi, Nassarawa and Niger.

Scope: Encompasses  both clinical care and public health interventions:

Public Health Interventions:

  • Provides support for the community based new born screening program at CESRTA
  • Structured Health Educations for parents and subjects 
  • Teachers’ and students’ education materials
  • Genetic counseling
  • Relevant extra immunization for subjects
  • Easy access to care and healthcare providers
  • Evaluation and research for improvement of services
  • Records and data keeping

Clinical Care:

  • A patient-centered care that is responsive to patient and family opinions
  • Prompt treatment of acute and chronic SCD related ailments
  • Provision of psychosocial support for patients and family
  • Prompt and easy access to referrals for specialist care as needed
  • Hydroxy Urea Therapy
  • On-going patient education and self-care
  • Physical therapy and Rehabilitation services
  • Clinical Research

The unit runs 3 clinics per week:

  • Regular clinic for kids less than 13 years-----------Tuesdays
  • Transition Clinics for adolescents 13-18years----Thursdays
  • Hydroxy Urea Clinic--------------------------------------Fridays


Sickle Support Group

The group is made up of children with Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD) and their family members / guardians who access care in our center. Working with the group, the unit seeks to improve the quality of life and overall survival of children living with sickle cell disorder through family participation and interactions with each other and with the health care providers. The support group was inaugurated in November 2017.

Other activities of the unit

  • Annual world sickle cell day celebrations
  • Awareness programs in schools


Our Staff


Pioneer Unit Head

Adeleke, S. (R.I.P)


Program Lead & Head, Paediatric Haematology Unit

Uche H Nnebe-Agumadu. MBBS, MSPH, FMCPaed, Professor of Paediatrics

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Clinical Nurse Coordinator

Esther James. RN, RM, Diploma Paed., Nursing, B.Ed Guidance and Counselling

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Assistant Clinical Nurse Coordinator

Evelyn Stephen-Kumode. BNSc, RICN, RN

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Paediatric residents who pass through the unit every 3 months

Unit Phone Number: +2348084480059



Our Staff Profile

Uche Nnebe-Agumadu

Uche is an experienced and skilled pediatrician with core interests in clinical medicine and community outreach programs involving women and children especially children with sickle cell disorder.  A teacher of undergraduate and postgraduate pediatrics and a medical researcher, she is an administrator with outstanding motivational skills. Uche has a vision to complement her medical skills and experiences with health promotion research and practice to improve the health of children in vulnerable communities. Her special interest is in the use of hydroxyurea in children with sickle cell anaemia. She is a Consultant Peadiatrician at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital where she is working to establish comprehensive care for sickle cell patients and their families.


Esther James

Esther James (RN, RM, Diploma Paediatric Nursing, B.Ed Guidance and Counselling ), is a Nigerian registered nurse and midwife with a Diploma in Paediatric Nursing. She worked as a clinic manager in the PEPFAR project of the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital for ten years. She is currently the Nurse Coordinator of the Paediatric Comprehensive Sickle Cell clinic of the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Abuja, Nigeria. Her primary responsibility is the coordination of care for all the unit patients which includes medical surveillance, follow-up care for in-patients and out-patients and support of patients and their families. She also gives structured health education and organizes patient medical records and monthly statistics. She coordinates the activities of the Sickle Support Group and works closely with patients and their families.

Evelyn Stephen-Kumode                                                      

Evelyn Stephen-Kumode (BNSc, RICN, RN), is a Nigerian registered nurse. She has worked as a registered intensive care nurse in University of Abuja Teaching Hospital for 3 years. Currently, she is the Assistant Clinical Nurse Coordinator at the Paediatric Comprehensive Sickle Cell Unit of the same hospital. Her job description include: Health Education, Medical Surveillance, Coordination of Patients care, follow-up care of in-patients and out-patients, patients and family support, maintaining trustful relationship with patients and relatives, keeping of clinic line open 24hours daily for continuous, effective communication.  She also works with parents and families in the Sickle Support Group.