Haruna Iyobosa


I am Haruna Iyobosa (BNSc, RN/RM), a research nurse with the new born screening program at the Centre of excellence for Sickle Cell Disease Research and Rraining (CESRTA), University of Abuja. My work involves the follow up of identified HbSS homozygous babies.

Upon receipt of the HPLC confirmatory result of a suspected sickle cell disease paediatric patient, the parent of the participant is contacted and counselled then the baby is enrolled into the paediatric sickle cell clinic at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital by me and then the parent educated properly on how to care for the child. 

The research pharmacy is then informed to make folic acid and penicillin available for free to the patient for a year within which time period they are also entitled to two full blood count (FBC) investigations and if the child becomes ill and is admitted in the hospital, we complement the family’s efforts with hospital bills for a limited number of infants. 

We now actively involve the community health extension workers in the primary health centres to benefit from their familiarity with the communities in order to help improve the retention rate of identified participants.