SCSN - Sickle Cell Support Group of Nigeria


The Nigerian delegates attending the 1st Global SCD Congress in Accra, Ghana in July 2010, held a meeting at which it was noted that although there were several bodies involved with SCD in the country, a lot more could be done if there was a body that brought together experts and other interested parties, both within the country and the Diaspora. Hence the SCD Network was born. However due to the exigencies of the Corporate Affairs Commission, the body was eventually registered as the Sickle Cell Support Society of Nigeria (SCSSN) in 2014.

Therefore Sickle Cell Support Society of Nigeria (SCSSN) is the umbrella body that brings together Nigerian doctors, scientists, NGOs and patients with interest in sickle cell disease (SCD), both within the country and in Diaspora. The Society has made progress in advocacy for the control of (SCD), building collaborations for scientific research and establishing guidelines for uniform management of patients with the disease at primary secondary and tertiary health care levels. This has been done by working closely with the government, professional groups both within the country and in Diaspora. The Society is open to all interested Nigerians - physicians, individuals with sickle cell disease, nurses, other professionals, NGOs and other individuals with interest in different aspects of SCD, be they in the Diaspora or within the country.

The following persons were members of the steering committee: Adekile, A; Akinyanju, O; Galadanci, NA; Inuwa BM, Odesina, V; Ogala, W; Okolo, A; Okpala, I; Popoola, K , Aisha Mamman A. and Nnodu O.



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