Use of Medicinal Plants for treatment of SCD in communities in Gwagwalada Abuja

Although synthetic approach to drug discovery has become the standard to drug discovery, modern pharmacological practice has its origin in medicinal plants whose usefulness in treating various diseases is as old as mankind. Most individuals affected by sickle cell disease live in communities where phyto-medicines and alternative medicines are used to fight this disease.

In the phyto-medicine track at CESRTA, herbal remedies used for treatment of SCD within the communities in Gwagwalada Area Council are  sourced, identified, authenticated and analysed for anti-sickling activities, toxicological studies be carried out and the active ingredients characterised.


Key Site Personnel

 Dr Adewale Alli (Principal Investigator)

Professor O. E Nnodu (Co-Investigator)

Dr Michael Okoh (Co-Investigator)

Dr Biyaya Nwankwo (Public Health Physician)

Mr Chinedu Okeke (Laboratory Scientist)